The Garai Brush Manufactorer Individual Company was established in 1986 by Béla Garai with products like road-cleaning machines’ brush and disc brooms. As an employee of the local communal service he realised the need and the use of the rebuild and new cleaning brushes on the industrial market. As an answer for the gap of these area.
He stood up on his own and started his manufactring activities in 1991 wich keeps grooving and improoving.

In the beginning the main products were brushes and disc brushes for road serviceses, mainly for the local communal agencies around the country. That time the most popular machine was from Germany, IFA , and by the time being has arrvied the new and modern sweeping machines from all over the world. The company used Hungarian materials and machines developed at th workshop for these special purposes, so with growing number and different type of machines, the producing has started to increase.

The next step was the national state-road operator agencies. The growth hasnt stopped, and it took only one step to start developing brushes for the individual needs in different areas of industry. Now the company makes brushes for: building and contraction industry, food and beverage industry, agriculture, machine industry, and of course for environemnt protection.

The company has impoved from its own profit, such as has the categories and the number of the employees together with the technique and the technological background.

In 2006 the company won its first tender, and with the help of subsidy they built a 500 m2 workshop in a 2000 m2 field – where the producing takes place since then. It is a huge adavntage what the Ipari Park could offer, also the new workshop insures the place for new technology and new brands of brushes.

The company has 5 employees at the moment, who all are working in the field since years, and earned enough experience to fulfill the expectations.
For export the company produces brushes of concret-tile manufactor in Slovenia, and for Robix-sweeping machine brushes to Germany.